We are committed to offering our residents the best possible quality of life whilst in our care. In order to achieve this, Emily is employed full time to ensure the delivery of a consistent activities program.

When a resident arrives at the home, Emily will collate a memory diary with the resident and their family to provide our staff with a history of their life.

Emily also compiles an activities program on a weekly basis to include communal games, quizzes and spiritual needs. Her aim is to get all residents to interact with each other, for example, to discuss current affairs, past times and personal history.

Emily will also arrange to spend time on a one to one basis with residents who do not wise to participate in group sessions.

Regular Popular events

As well as the daily and weekly activities at the home, Emily will also arrange other regular events such as:

  • A traditional trip to the sea side with Fish and Chips
  • A midsummer Strawberry Cream Tea
  • Trips to the local town
  • Trips to the Cliff tops to experience the sea air
  • Live entertainment